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Transform Landscape Edging into Outdoor Metal Wall Decor

Landscape edging can make beautiful wall decor for your garden or the facade of your home. Metal landscape edging that looks like miniature fences can be hung in a line to create graceful metal wall decor between two windows. More ornate metal landscape edging can be hung in the shape of a square to create garden metal wall decor. While plastic landscape edging can be used to create wall decor around windows. Here are the simple ways landscape edging can be used to create affordable outdoor wall decor to ornament the facade of your home and garden.

Transform Landscape Edging into Metal Wall Decor for the Facade of Your Home

To create metal wall decor between two windows that face the street, begin by measuring the space, so as to know how many landscape edging pieces you will need. Next, at your home lawn improvement garden center choose metal landscape edging that looks beautiful and filled with rustic charm. You can run one line of landscape edging with the spikes facing down for a single metal wall decor between your two windows. Or two lines, with the spikes facing one another, for a double-sided metal wall decor. Hang the landscape edging with nails hammered in at an angle, to fold over the landscape edging and keep your metal wall decor firmly in place.

Transform Landscape Edging into Metal Wall Decor for Your Garden

More ornate landscape edging can make beautiful metal wall decor for your garden. Simply buy four landscape edging pieces, then hang them in a square, with the metal spikes meeting at the center in a crisscross pattern.

Transform Landscape Edging into Wall Decor Around Outdoor Windows

Plastic landscape edging is more versatile than metal landscape edging because you can easily cut the spikes off. After the spikes are removed, you’ll be left with the ornamental part of the landscape edging alone. Hang these under windows or around them, to create beautiful wall decor on the street facade of your home.