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Acupuncture: An Effective Form of Alternative Medicine

At a point in my life when I seemed to be changing prescriptions daily, I turned to alternative medicine. I was desperate to relieve the daily headaches and stomach pain.

At my husband’s insistence I made an appointment with an acupuncturist. My acupuncturist was very calm and soothing.

I was still very tense. I was afraid of the needles. I was afraid of the size I thought he would use. I was extremely scared of the number of needles he would need to use.

Before we began the first session he explained that I was in control of the number of needles and how deep the needles were inserted. He showed me the tiny size of the needles. I began to breathe easier.

He gave me five minutes to lie down and listen to relaxing music before out session began. I discovered I was very receptive to acupuncture. Do to this discovery he reduced the number of needles we used the first day.

When the session was over I felt relaxed. The pain and anxiety I had been suffering had lessened. For several months the alternative medicine, of acupuncture kept my pain under control.

Finally, I was forced to see a specialist. After spending a week in the hospital they removed my gall bladder.

When I was released from the hospital I went back to my acupuncturist for pain control. I react poorly to pain medication. Acupuncture was able to control my pain and aid in the healing from my surgery.

I would recommend attending an acupuncturist pre and post op. In my experience it helps control the pain, while shortening healing time.

In searching for an acupuncturist ask for referrals among your friends including your doctor. Find out if the acupuncturist will bill your insurance and determine if your insurance covers acupuncture.

Determine the length and type of training. What type of needles does the acupuncturist use? What is the cost? Is there a higher fee for the first visit? Will the acupuncturist be able to provide you with an estimated timeline for visits?

Do not be afraid to try this ancient Chinese form of alternative medicine.